Great Eastern Seafood’s Quality Control Program is a set of guidelines designed by us to ensure that our customers are provided with consistent, quality products. Our program has been designed using the HACCP model and all appropriate federal standards and regulations have all been incorporated. The key factors in our plan are:

1. Inspection and grading of the product
We only purchase fish from known suppliers and inspect, grade and weigh all products as they enter our facility. We work very closely with these suppliers to ensure that they provide only the highest quality raw materials.

2. Temperature control, cleanliness and storage and handling
Our processing areas are fully refrigerated year round, finished product is kept in cold storage cooler after being processed and all raw materials are kept in a totally separate cooler. Employee and work area cleanliness is a must and is built into complete function of our facility.

3. Management Trained and controlled floor management
Our floor managers for the facility and processing areas have all received training in HACCP and quality control programs as well as meeting our high standards of perfection.

4. Sales
Our sales team is kept well informed of amounts and quality of all products as they are purchased. Products are sold as quickly as possible so that we ensure they arrive at their destinations in the quickest, freshest condition as well as the best possible price within an ever changing market.

5. Shipping methods.
We use the shipping method that best suits each customer, weather by truck or air you’re product arrives in the same condition that it left our plant.

6. Ozone machine
By treating our air, water and ice used in our processing plant, bacterial cross contamination in the work place environment is reduced by 95.5%. Treating raw fish as well as processing equipment with ozone greatly reduces bacteria that can spoil seafood. Also ozone improvesthe shelf life of uncooked fish while not impacting the appearance, color, taste or aroma of the fish.