Facilities & Amenities

Our state of the art facility includes many amenities that exceed all industry standards for fine dining restaurants, hotel, food distribution centers and all other food establishments.

* HACCP Approved facility
* SQF Certified Facility
* Fully enclosed & refrigerated facility
* Completely refrigerated processing area
* Designated Cutting benches for Strombroid species
* Ucrete floor & wall system throughout entire facility
* Our facility is the First in the Northeast to have a seamless epoxy wall and floor system
* We use ozonated water to produce our ice and throughout our facility to disinfect surfaces as well as foot sprays at all entrance ways into building. Studies have shown that use of this process reduces aerobic organisms by 95.5%.

Our previous location was on the Historic Boston fish pier for the past 27 years and have since moved to our current processing plant in the FOODMART district of Boston in 2009. Our new home has all the amenities that help ensure we are supplying our customer’s superior finished products for any seafood application.

Our facility is set up for mass production but most important #1 quality products. The Massachusetts state health inspectors were quoted saying, we may not be the biggest facility they have seen but it is definitely steps above the rest.

If you would like to set up an appointment, please contact us at your convenience to discuss more on how Great Eastern Seafood can contribute to your seafood needs.

Our promise to you, we guarantee our products and commitment of service will not be beat! Thank you!