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What we do

For 40 years and counting, Great Eastern Seafood has been fostering relationships with its customers and vendors through a steadfast commitment to quality and processing seafood the right way.

Honesty, Loyalty, Respect, and Service are not just buzz words. They are the backbone of Great Eastern Seafood and the promise we make to our customers, our vendors, and the industry as a whole. We back up these promises on a daily basis by utilizing decades-long relationships to acquire the freshest, highest quality seafood possible.

Our commitment extends beyond our customers and our vendors, at Great Eastern Seafood we know our team is our most valuable asset and its a priorty to ensure everyone feels like a member of the family.

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New England and Beyond


How we do it

Whether we are talking about the local inspectors we work with at each display auction, the boats and vendors from around the world, Great Eastern Seafood adheres to a high standard when sourcing our seafood offerings. If we wouldn't feed it to our families, we won't ship it to our customers.
We understand that fresh seafood isn't like other industries. We keep our fish whole and on ice as until we have orders against it. We have invested in a brand new ice slurry delivery system that allows us to keep our fish as fresh and cold as possible.
Most of our team has been with us for many years, some more than 20 years, and they have learned right along side us. We go to great lengths to deliver the quality our customers expect on a case by case basis. We have a quality control team that constantly inspects shipments prior to shipping and will alert our sales team to any problems as soon as they arise.
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Safety and Sustainability

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